Quality Assurance

We are proud of our quality, which is due to the top skilled employees we have and state-of-the-art equipment we use.

TAG Ltd. has an ISO 9001 certified quality assurance system in place that directs the documentation and implementation of the manufacturing processes and the company procedures.

Our company has the following certificates:

  • ISO 9001
  • MSZ EN 729-2: 1995 - Quality requirements for welding. Fusion welding of metallic materials)
  • 44/1995 (IX.15. IKM / 11/1994 (III.25) (Hungarian technology standard for manufacturing storage tanks for explosive(s) liquids and melted products)
  • SLV Großer Eignungsnachweis
  • AD Merkblätt HP0

TAG Ltd. established a high standard Quality Assurance System that guarantees that products conform to domestic and international quality standards and comply with customer requirements.

Our standardized engineering procedures and qualified employees ensure that the quality principles are met.

Most of our manufactured products are delivered with TUV or EC PED2 quality seals.

The quality controls are conducted at our and other accredited laboratories where x-ray, ultrasonic, liquid penetration etc. quality checks can be conducted.

We utilize in our designing and manufacturing processes modern technology.

Our material procurement is directly from well known domestic and foreign steel mills, as well as from major steel suppliers. Material traceability is exceptionally important to us and you will get the material you ordered.

As part of our ongoing supplier assessment and review, we require that our main suppliers meet specifications and quality standards through our purchasing contracts.


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