Tank and Steel Structure Manufacturing Company Ltd., Hungary:
Company Profile

The goal of our company is to be the market leader in designing and manufacturing standard and custom fabricated (storage) tanks, pressure vessels and steel structures in the domestic (Hungarian) and European market.

Through the efforts of our team of engineering professionals whose members bring experience from multiple disciplines will continue the manufacturing process of the preceding companies that are BVG Inc., TVG Inc., ISG Ltd.

We have been operating since 17th of July 2001 under the name of TAG Ltd. Currently our company has 84 contracted employees that work in the manufacturing process and 17 full time professionals.

Our expertise lies in:

Designing, manufacturing, assembling, and servicing, storage tanks, pressure vessels, silos, ducts, reactors, and other steel structures.

We also provided value added services such as cutting, beveling, rolling, sandblasting and glass fiber resign coating, grinding, forming (including concentric and eccentric cones), and other miscellaneous machining and fabricating services.

We can inspect, repair and update previously supplied systems, plants and units.

Our designing unit can handle paper drawings, templates, and computer generated drawings in a variety of drawing formats. We have the newest computer packages to manage anything you give us.

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